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10-Year-Old Girl Sexually Abused


10-Year-Old Girl Sexually Abused

By Josephine K. Tarawaelie.

Magistrate Abdul Sheriff of Freetown Magistrate Court No.7 yesterday remanded an accused person, John Sesay at the Pademba Road Male Correctional Center for sexual penetration contrary to law.

According to the particulars of offence on the 17th August 2018, at No.22 Kissy Town, Freetown the accused sexually penetrated a child below the age of 18 to wit 10 years.

The witness said she knows the accused person as her elder brother’s best friend and she recalls the above date when she returned from school and saw the accused sitting inside there palour.

She said that when she entered inside her room the accused followed her inside the room and removed her uniform and closed the door.

The witness said she called for help but nobody was around. She said the accused hit her on her feet with a stick and pushed her to the bed and put his finger into her private part. She said during the process she saw blood oozing from her private part and the accused used her mother’s cloth to wipe the blood from her private part. She said the accused threatened to put her inside the well if she told anyone.

The witness further said that when her mother was washing her cloth she saw the cloth that was used by the accused to wipe the blood. She said her mother called her and asked her who wiped blood with her cloth she said her mother threatened to beat her up if she refused to explain to her.

The witness said she told her mother that she was abused by the accused. The witness said her mother immediately went to the Kissy Police Station and made a report where a medical report was issued out to her. She said on the next day she went together with her mother to the Connaught Hospital. The matter was adjourned to the 22nd October 2018, for further hearing.

3 Accused Remanded For Conspiracy
By Fatmata Gbla

Principal Magistrate Santigie Bangura of the Freetown Magistrate Court No.1 yesterday remanded three accused persons Abdul Kabba Will, Yusuf Kargbo and Mafareh Bangura at the Pademba Road Correctional Centre for alleged conspiracy contrary to law.

Lawyer I.P Mammie who stood as the defence lawyer for the 3rd accused person, Mafareh Bangura applied for bail, stating that the accused person has a reliable surety and has a fixed abode and therefore could be traced.

He said the accused person was in police custody for quite a while. Police have concluded investigation and the accused were charged. He also said that the accused person is sick and could not walk properly looking at her age he wishes his Lordship grants her bail. He also mentioned that if the accused person dies the demand in justice will come to end.

The opposing Lawyer, Sahid Sesay vehemently opposed the application for bail. He said that his learned colleague made reference to which his Lordship should take note of. The 3rd accused person does not have a fixed abode and resides in the provinces.

According to the opposing lawyer he said there is no document to assert that the accused person is sick. The age of the accused person is an imagination of his learned colleague. The offence of which the accused person his charge is an off shoot of which the 1st and 2rd accused persons Abdul Kabba and Yusuf Kargbo are charged. The offence for which the 3rd accused person Mafareh Bangura is charged is the end product of burglary that the 1st and 2nd are charged with. He wants to have the witness in proper frame of mind because the charges are serious and the penalty that goes with conviction is serious.

The accused persons are facing six counts of conspiracy, robbery with aggravation, Threatening remarks, Malicious Damage, Assault occasioning actual bodily harm and receiving stolen goods contrary to law.

The accused persons, Abdul Kabba Will and Yusuf Kargbo on diverse dates between 5th and 10th September 2018 in Freetown conspired together with other persons unknown to commit a felony to wit robbery with aggravation. And on the 9th September 2018 at No.51 Lightfoot Boston Road, Off Wilkinson Road in Freetown with an offensive weapon, the accused robbed Zainab Dumbuya twenty three thousand United States dollars (US$23,350) and twenty three million five hundred and ninety thousand leones (Le23,590) all to the total value of two hundred and seventeen million three hundred and ninety five thousand Leones (Le217,395) and immediately before the robbery did use the personal vehicle of the complainant, Zainab Dumbuya.

The matter was adjourned to 22nd October 2018.


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