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Who Is This Munjid Jaward In Kono?


Who Is This Munjid Jaward In Kono?

By Sahr Foindu Fillie.

Reports from the diamondiferous district of Kono alleged that Lebanese diamond exporter, Munjid Jaward of John Kellie Street in Koidu City has been a notorious diamond smuggler. He is reported to be allegedly smuggling diamonds through his Guinean wife to Guinea.

Until recently, Mr. Jaward was a diamond exporter’s agent. When it was discovered that he does not make official shipment of diamonds, some of his key partners withdrew their support from him. That prompted him to obtain an exporters license.

Recently, he bought a twenty-eight carats diamond (D-colour) from Paramount Chief Paul Saquee V of Tankoro Chiefdom. It is not yet known whether he actually declared the diamond at GGDO for shipment.

In the last general elections, he openly supported the APC party. In fact, he was one of the biggest financiers of the APC campaign in Kono district.

It is reported that, through his very good friend Chief Saquee, Mr. Jaward spent hundreds of Millions of Leones on the APC campaign in Kono.

Recently, he was accused of engaging in anti-government activities by inciting some APC Chiefs in Kono against the ruling SLPP Government headed by His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio.

A spokesman for NMA (National Minerals Agency) told the Global Times last night that smuggling of Sierra Leone’s precious minerals “is an unforgivable and punishable offence… Smugglers are enemies of the State…Any diamond exporter caught smuggling will be arrested, charged to court and will lose their exporters license and even go to jail”.

All efforts made by the Global Times to contact Mr. Munjid Jaward proved futile last night.

Investigations continue.


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