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14 Sierra Leoneans Deported


14 Sierra Leoneans Deported

By Alhaji Saidu Kamara…………………………….

The government of Netherland has deported fourteen Sierra Leoneans from Holland to Sierra Leone.

The 14 Sierra Leoneans were among the one million illegal alien living in Netherland.

The deportation of illegal immigrants started in February this year.

According to one of the 14 deportees, Mohamed Bangura aka Bangs who had stayed in Netherland for eight years, he and other Sierra Leoneans were residing in Netherland without legal documents, others illegally entered Netherland and those who overstayed or otherwise violated the terms of their visas.

Dr. Samura Kamara, Min. of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Samura Kamara,
Min. of Foreign Affairs

He said prior to their deportation, a high profile delegation from the Sierra Leone government led by the Chief Immigration officer, Mr. Alpha Kholifa Koroma and two officials from the Netherland Immigration Department held a meeting at the Sierra Leone Embassy in Brussels.

Bangs said the CIO Mr. Koroma explained the purpose of the meeting which he said was to identify Sierra Leoneans and non Sierra Leoneans.

He said those without legal documents, would be issued with Lesse Passé to come back to Sierra Leone.

He said three years ago when the President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma visited The Hague, he calmed down the Sierra Leonean community in Netherland and advised them to be law abiding at all times and avoid places and actions that will make them became vulnerable while the Embassy will help prevent any action that will make them become victims of circumstances.

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Bangs said a week after the delegation left Netherland, immigration officials three in number including a Medical Doctor told him that a Lesse Passé from the Government of Sierra Leone through the Embassy had been prepared for his deportation. “I had no option but to cooperate with them and if I put any resistance the Medical Doctor will inject me and I will suffer some mental illness”, said Bangs. He accused the government of fast tracking their deportation, while the Information Attache at the Sierra Leone Embassy in Brussels, Mr. Chernor Ojuku Sesay vehemently denied the allegation that it is the government that issued them Lesse Passe to facilitate the deportation of the 14 Sierra Leoneans from Netherlands.


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