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“2018 Elections Will Be About Issues, Not personalities” -Information Minister says


“2018 Elections Will Be About Issues, Not personalities” -Information Minister says

The Minister of Information and Communications, Mr. Mohamed  Bangura, spent the entire weekend, granting one-on-one interviews to some senior media practitioners in the country, explaining the achievements of the Koroma administration in the past  nine years.

“As a Ministry, we are taking the lead in articulating the achievements of President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma since he was first elected as President in 2007.. We want the electorate to know and see for themselves the achievements of the Koroma administration’, Mr. Bangura said.

The Information and Communications Minister told the Global Times that, they want the forthcoming elections to be about issues and not about personalities. “As a government and party, we have a lot to point at as our achievements…Let us have an open debate on what we have done and what other political parties or Politicians are offering…We are a civilized nation…We don’t need to fight to win elections…Elections are won on issues…It is not what you want to do or what you intend to do…It is what you have done and what you are doing that matter to the electorate”, Mr. Bangura said.

The Information Minister said that, in the health sector alone, they have done or they are doing a lot. “We are currently distributing 4.3 million treated mosquito bed nets across the country to help address the Malaria challenge and to improve the health of pregnant women and children”, he said.

He continued, “We are building a one hundred bedroom hospital at Macauley Street in Freetown, another at Rokupa (one hundred bed room hospital), the same at Waterloo and Kingharman Road respectively and a seventy five bedroom hospital at Lumley.

The Information Minister blamed the outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease in the country in 2014 for the stall in the President’s transformational agenda in the country. “We want to shape the debate around the issues that matter to the ordinary people…We want Politicians to address the issues and forget about empty promises that make no sense to the people…We will not allow rabble-rousers to distract us…The President remains focused on his development agenda…He has no time to respond to detractors who are bent on diverting his attention”, Mr. Bangura said.

The Information Minister noted that, whether one likes it or not, President Koroma will go down in history as one of the most successful Presidents of Sierra Leone. “His development footprints could be seen in every nook and cranny of Sierra Leone”, he boastfully said.

Mr. Bangura concluded by asking Sierra Leoneans to always trust the APC party because it is the only political party that stands for the people of Sierra Leone and for the development of the country.


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