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Guinea Closes Border With Sierra Leone


Guinea Closes Border With Sierra Leone

The Guinean authorities have closed their main border crossing point with Sierra Leone at Gbalamuya, to vehicular and human traffic. The Guinean side of the Pamalap border crossing point was ordered closed by the Guinean authorities late on Friday evening.

Sierra Leoneans returning from Conakry on Friday were stopped at the Guinean side of the border and told to return to Conakry until further notice. They were still stranded at the Guinean side of the border at press time on Saturday.

No official reason has so far been given by the Guinean Government for the closure of their own side of the border. The decision might not be unconnected to the rapid spread of the Ebola Virus Disease in Sierra Leone.

A Sierra Leonean Customs official at Gbalamuya told the Global Times yesterday that the decision by the Guineans came as “a big surprise” to them. He said they were never given any prior notification before the decision was taken.

A spokesman for the Sierra Leone Government said over the weekend that they had still not received any official communication from the Guinean authority in that regard.

A spokesman for the Sierra Leone Embassy in Conakry, denied the report saying it was not official

Meanwhile, Sierra Leoneans returning home remained stranded at the main border crossing point.

Investigations continue.

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