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6 Jurors Remanded


6 Jurors Remanded

By Jane B Mansaray………………………
The no-nonsense Justice Alusine Sesay yesterday ordered the remand of six jurors on bench warrant at the Pademba Road Male Correctional Centre in Freetown, for failing to attend court proceedings.
The jurors were ordered remanded after they failed to appear before the Judge on the adjourned date in the matter of murder involving the accused person, Fatmata Tucker.
According to Justice Alusine Sesay, this was not the first time he had ordered a bench warrant for the arrest of jurors although several appeals had been made in the past on their behalf.
He said this is the fourth bench warrant he had ordered for them that will land them in prison for two days without any plea from anyone.
Justice Sesay said as they are getting almost to the end of the matter, he had made several appeals to the jurors to be committed and be frequent at all adjourned date for the purpose of a fair trial and a unanimous verdict at the end of the trial.
He noted that the frequent absenteeism of jurors in most High court trials keeps frustrating the course of justice on both sides.
He said that the law permits twelve jurors to assist the court in giving fair trial to matters that cannot be tried by Judges alone. Whereas any of these jurors absent at any adjourned date, the court will not proceed and at the end of the day the court and judges will be blamed for the delay of matters in court, especially sensitive matters like this, the judge lamented.
Justice Sesay said that the remand of these jurors will send a strong message to other jurors that they should treat the court with all seriousness on trial matters which they took oath on.

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