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JOB Blasts President Koroma


JOB Blasts President Koroma

President Dr. Koroma Ernest Bai Koroma has come under intense criticism from the former National Chairman and Leader of the main opposition SLPP, John Oponjo Benjamin over the announcement of the date for the Presidential and general elections slated for March 7, 2018.
Speaking in Freetown last week, Mr. Benjamin said that President Koroma had one last opportunity not to break the law but he failed, maintaining that the date announced for the conduct of the Presidential election is in violation of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone as it is outside of the stipulated timeframe.
Mr. Benjamin noted that although the President only announced the date of the Parliamentary and Local Council elections leaving NEC to announce the date of the Presidential election, a law abiding President would have advised NEC to choose a date within the stipulated timeframe as spelt out in the Constitution.


“I am therefore appealing to President Koroma to do the correct thing as the date chosen by NEC is in violation of the 1991 Constitution”, he emphasized.
The former SLPP National Chairman and Leader recalled how President Koroma violated the constitution when he sacked the former Bank Governor, Dr. James Rogers whom, he said had only four months left on his contract and the case of the former Director General of Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA), Munda Rogers whom the President sacked instead of the Board.

Defeated candidate Berewa, outgoing President Kabbah and Sierra Leone's new President Koroma stand for the national anthem in Freetown
He noted that President Koroma and the APC were having a field day when the SLPP was at war with itself, but now with peace, he said they are ready to challenge the APC with all their might.


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