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SLPP MP Speaks Out


SLPP MP Speaks Out

The opposition Member of Parliament from Kenema District, Hon Francis A Konuwa has debunked claims that the motion he moved on two Statutory Instruments laid before the House was intended to extend the term of the government.

Speaking to journalists in Freetown over the weekend, the Kenema MP said he was deliberately misunderstood by some of his colleague parliamentarians who always find delight in besmearing him for reasons best known to them.

Explaining the motive behind the Private Member’s Motion, Hon. Konuwa said the two Statutory Instruments relating to the Presidential Proclamation on the date of the elections and the announcement by the National Elections Commission (NEC) on same triggered debate in both the traditional and social media, an indication that something is wrong somewhere, he said.


Hon Francis A Konuwa

Having realized the huge public interest in the matter, he said as a parliamentarian he felt obliged to raise the issue up for debate in the House which he said is consistent with Section 94(3) of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone.

He pointed out that his Motion rather extend the term of government was intended to safeguard his political party, the SLPP since some legal luminaries  had already questioned the legality of date as announced by the President and NEC for the conduct of the elections.

Last Thursday, there was an uneasy calm in the country following report that parliament was debating to extend the term of office of government.

Earlier report on that day was that, Hon Konuwa’s Motion was being debated and proved false.

“It’s a pity that my good intention was deliberately taken out of context by people for reasons best known to themselves, he said, adding that he has no intention to move any motion that would prolong the life of government”


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