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Moyamba Shut Down For Voter Registration


Moyamba Shut Down For Voter Registration

By Joseph Milton Lebbie………………………….

The Moyamba Township and all other towns and villages in the Kaiyamba Chiefdom have been closed down for two days to allow Sierra Leoneans to register en masse for the coming 2018 elections

Commercial vehicles and motorbikes have been banned from plying the routes. Shops, government offices market places and other functional institutions including NGOs also locked down to allow for mass registration. It is massive stay at home exercise for two days to ensure all busy activities that will form an obstacle for huge voter registration turn out are put on hold.

voter registration

voter registration

According to the Chiefdom Speaker of Kaiyamba, Chief Bundu Adu Mboyawa, the lockdown was ordered by the Chiefdom authorities when they realized that the chiefdom people were not taking the registration exercise with deserved seriousness. The Speaker went on to say, the lockdown decision was arrived at in a recent meeting with chiefdom committee in which all stakeholders were represented. Chief Mboyawa noted that the lock down has created a positive impact as people are turning out in large numbers to register, furthering that the lockdown has been replicated in the Kowa and Kori Chiefdoms in the same Moyamba District. In his words, the Speaker postulates “When Kaiyamba sneezes, the rest of Moyamba District catches cold”.

In addition to the ripple effect that the sneeze of Moyamba presents, Chief Adu Mboyawa mentioned he would be going from center to center to monitor the registration exercise and to ensure that people register in large numbers, concluding that the chiefdom authorities took the bold decision to complement the efforts of the National Electoral Commission in ensuring a free, fair and peaceful election in the country.

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