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A Major Diplomatic Blunder


A Major Diplomatic Blunder

By Sorie Fofana……………………….

One of the outstanding SLPP flagbearer aspirants, Dr. Alie Kabba, was last December, dragged to court by his estranged wife, Madam Finda Diana Konomanyi. Since then, Dr. Kabba has been in an out of detention on at least three occasions.

It is very important to point out that, Dr. Kabba has made several attempts to get this matter settled amicably out of court. As far as Dr. Kabba is concerned, this is a purely family matter.

The father of Diana Konomanyi, Mr. F.D. Konomanyi has himself being seriously embarrassed by this court drama involving his pet daughter.

The idea of getting APC Politicians involved in a purely family matter, is astonishing, to say the least.

What does Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray have to do with a disagreement between wife and husband? Why should Dr. Alie Kabba go and beg Minkailu Mansaray and the APC Party before this matter could be withdrawn from court?

All along, some of us have insisted that, a matter for the FSU (Family Support Unit) must be handled by the Family Support Unit and not, repeat, not by the court.

Since the matter is now in court and Diana has already testified on oath and she is expected to be cross-examined next week by Lawyers for Dr. Kabba, we will not make any further comment on it.

This matter is now being seriously monitored by the US Embassy in Freetown. Each time Dr. Kabba is due to appear in court in Freetown, the US Embassy will send a representative to follow-up on the matter.

When Dr. Kabba’s US Passport was seized, the US Embassy officially demanded that, the Passport be returned to its rightful holder.

The Sierra Leone Government’s initial refusal to surrender the Passport to the US Embassy was met with a severe backlash.

Official Note Verbale (s) from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation were either rejected or ignored.

Some Government officials including a junior Minister in the Finance Ministry and some MPs had their applications for US Visa rejected eventhough they are Diplomatic Passport holders.

The Government of Sierra Leone had insisted that, until the US Embassy agreed to take responsibility if Dr. Kabba leaves the country before the matter in court was concluded, they would not return the Passport.

When push came to shove, the Sierra Leone Government had to secretly surrender Dr. Kabba’s US Passport to the US Embassy in Freetown. And Dr. Kabba has been given his seized US Passport. The diplomatic relationship between the Sierra Leone Government and the US Government has normalized. It is now business as usual!

Diplomatically speaking, Sierra Leone cannot afford to be in the bad books of the power machine in Washington. Washington controls the World Bank, IMF and other Bretton Wood institutions. And Sierra Leone depends on these financial institutions to survive as a nation state.

All stalled projects funded by the World Bank Group in Sierra Leone have been unlocked. The World Bank Group on Monday approved US$138m for the Western Area Power Generation Project. This could not have happened without the US Government’s knowledge and approval. Plain and simple!

In future, private matters must be allowed to remain private. Government should not be seen to be actively involved in a matter that can be easily settled at family level in Koidu City.

Some people continue to ask: with all the perennial problems in Sierra Leone, is a divorce matter between wife and husband so important that it has to attract a huge negative publicity for the Government?

Mr. F.D. Konomanyi (Diana’s father) is known to have divorced several wives without even the knowledge of the Chiefs in Kono. And Chief Saquee knows this very well!

Let us learn to respect the views of other people. No matter how much we disagree with those views.

Food for thought!

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