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ACC Boss Boasts Of Massive Support


ACC Boss Boasts Of Massive Support

By Sylvester Samba…………………….

The Commissioner of the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), Ady Macauley has expressed satisfaction over the massive support his Commission is receiving from Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), the media and CSOs especially in the fight against petty corruption in the country.

Addressing the General Assembly of the Network of Anti-Corruption Institutions in West Africa (NACIWA), in Cotonou, Benin, Commissioner Macauley said the ACC continues to enjoy public confidence and trust and they are performing exceedingly well in prosecuting corruption cases.

He further explained that his strategy in the fight against corruption focuses on hunting the tigers and swatting the flies. “I will make no distinction between grand and petty corruption…Corruption is a terrible offence, and I will pursue perpetrators vigorously,” the ACC Commissioner emphasized.

Commissioner Macauley disclosed that, in combating bribery and petty corruption, the UK Government has supported the Commission with the sum of One Million and Seventy Thousand British Pounds Sterling (1,070, 000 Pounds Sterling) to implement a project titled Pay No Bribe campaign (PNB). He maintained that the PNB targets piloted key service delivery institutions such as health, education, police, electricity and water.

The ACC Commissioner added that it is the citizens’ reporting platform that seeks to analyze trend on bribery in the respective institutions and map out administrative or policy reform measures to tackle the menace.

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