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ACC Engages Media & CSOs


ACC Engages Media & CSOs

By Jane B. Mansaray……………………………….

The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) yesterday engaged civil society and media partners on the update of its activities nationwide and the implementation of a three year pay no bribe campaign implementation.

In his opening remarks at the Santano House on Howe Street in Freetown, the Deputy Commissioner of ACC Mr. Shollay Davies said one of their responsibilities as a commission is to inform their partners and the general public of some of their activities.

He said this is the first meeting in the year the commission has organized since the appointment of the new Commissioner of ACC. He dilated on the challenges and expectation in fighting corruption.

In his address, the Commissioner of ACC, Lawyer Ady Macauley thanked and recognized members for their unique role in the fight against corruption in Sierra Leone.

Commissioner Macauley noted that corruption is not about big or petty but emphasised that the vice needs to be fought at all levels.

He went on to say that the uniqueness of the pay no bribe campaign is not about prosecutorial oriented but to map out corruption system through processes review with a scientific approach by all and sundry.

Commissioner Macauley called on the general public to report cases of corruption through the campaign inter connectivity with 515 in all mobile companies and computer soft ware.

It was confirmed that 70% of corruption act is an everyday activity especially in places like Police stations and hospitals were corruption is endemic and is affecting public service delivery.

He highlighted asset declaration as a major challenge with twenty thousand defaulters

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