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Africell Presents Prizes To First Set Of Winners


Africell Presents Prizes To First Set Of Winners

By Sylvester Samba………………………………

Journalists from different media outlets have witnessed the presentation of prizes to the first set of winners in the ongoing “Africell Ramadan Show 2017”.

Making a statement at the presentation ceremony which took place on Thursday 8th June, 2017 at the company’s Wilberforce Headquarters in Freetown, the Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Joe Abass Bangura said, “It is a pleasure to have you all here this morning to witness the 1st Prize presentation ceremony for winners of the Africell Ramadan Show 2017. This Promotion was officially launched on Saturday 27th May 2017 with the 1st Draw held on Monday 29th May and will end on Saturday 24th June 2017. This promotion, in the Africell style, provides our subscribers with the opportunity to observe the Month of Ramadan, play fund games and win great prizes in the process, Africell Ramadan Show 2017- This promotion gives our subscribers the opportunity to win over Le500,000,000 (Five Hundred Million Leones). To participate in the show, Africell subscribers should send blank SMS to or Call 777 to automatically qualify for the electronic draw for the day. Every blank SMS sent of call made to 777 will incur a charge of 650 Leones; but Subscribers will be awarded a bonus credit of the same amount (Le650), which must be utilized before 12 midnight on the same day.


Non Africell subscribers can take part by purchasing a new SIM card loaded with Le410 talk time and 2 SMS at a cost of Le500. As soon as the SIM is registered and the subscriber sends their blank SMS or call 777, they will get 2 chances on the draw for the day. Subscriber’s chances for winning increases with every blank SMS or call made to 777. All cumulated chances will however lapse at the end of each day of participation.

A live draw is held from Mondays to Saturdays between 10.000am; with live broadcasts on AYV TV and STAR TV and simultaneously on all AIRadio stations nationwide.

The studio theme for the show is made up of STARS on the left side and 30 MOONS on the right side and a sliding door in the middle. During the draw, qualifying numbers are randomly drawn electronically in the studio. On selection of a number, the subscriber’s phone is dialed then prompted by the presenter to choose from one of 30 serially numbered MOON. The prizes to be won at this stage include:

Freezers, Televisions, Generators, ITel 3G++ Phones, Gigabytes of data and minutes of talk time and Cash Prizes

The Subscriber also will then be asked to choose from one of 42 serially numbered STARS; all the stars have key inside but only one key opens the door which will lead the subscriber to the treasure boxes.

Where the subscriber gets the won key to the Treasure Room, the will have a chance to guess the value of an item displaying on the TV screen, at the end of each show the subscriber that guesses the closest value lower than the actual price, wins the item that  is displayed on the TV.

Where the subscriber gets the correct key to t he Treasure Room, they will have the opportunity to choose from three treasure boxes containing Le50,000,000, Le 10,000,000 and Le.5.000,ooo respectively, but randomly distributed. The subscriber is then asked to choose one box and will win the gig prize that is inside the chosen treasure box.

Today we will be presenting Prizes to Prize winners for draws held from 29th May to 5th June 2017. Prizes will only be presented physically to winners that are resident in the Western Area. Cash winnings from the Regions will be splashed over to them and other winnings will be physically presented later.

We are also pleased to announce that on Monday 6th June, one lucky subscriber Tejan-Jalloh of 9C 48 Raymond Street, Calaba Town, GSM No. 077 533 155 won the Star Prize of Le 50,000,000. Other Star Prize Winners are; Twa Davies of 37 Prince Alfred Road Waterloo, GSM No. 099 693 219 with Ler10,000,000 and Abdul Jumu Bangura of 8 Rock Lane, Brookfields with GSM No. 088 499 965, with Le 5,000,00.

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