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After Gov’t Protection… Ombudsman Goes To Court


After Gov’t Protection… Ombudsman Goes To Court

Under fire Ombudsman, Melron Nicol-Wilson has commenced legal action against his former acquaintance and protégé, Abdul Lamin alias “Ameriken” for what court papers described as publication of defamatory statements.

Mr. Nicol-Wilson claims in court documents that, Mr. Abdul Lamin alias Ameriken ordered the publication of defamatory statements against him in the Independent Observer Newspaper publication of 5th May, 2017.

Melron Nicol Wilson-and President Koroma

Melron Nicol Wilson-and President Koroma

The particulars of offence are as follows:-

  1. “…Melron Nicol-Wilson at the first instance went to a juju man to inflict paralysis on Mr. and Mrs. Johnsen Marah and when he failed, he tried to kill the innocent people”.
  2. Immediately after the said publication, the Plaintiff being The Ombudsman got calls from various quarters inquiring as to why such accusation had been levied against him in the Press.
  3. These calls and questions negatively affected the Plaintiff psychologically and he was left in a state of shock and shame as his character had been put to question and he is belittled in the eyes of respectable and well-meaning people in society.

Meanwhile, some members of the public are curious to know why the Law Officers’ Department has refused to release Mr. Melron-Nicol Wilson to respond to a report against him at the Lumley Police Station. There is a pending Police summons against Mr. Melron-Nicol-Wilson for allegedly attempting to paralyze and kill his in-laws.

A senior investigator at the Lumley Police Station told the Global Times yesterday that, Mr. Melron Nicol-Wilson is a person of interest to them. “We cannot force him to respond to an invitation because we need clearance from the Attorney General’s Office…But it is regrettable that the AG’s Office is reluctant to order his release to us”, the Police investigator said.

Why would the Attorney General’s Office try to shield the Ombudsman against Police prosecution for a grave allegation involving an alleged attempt to kill a senior civil servant and his wife?

If the State has protected Mr. Melron Nicol-Wilson against prosecution, why would he now take legal action against someone who is an integral part of the report made against him (Mr. Melron Nicol-Wilson) at the Lumley Police Station?

It has to be pointed out that, it is Mr. Melron-Nicol Wilson’s right to take legal action against anyone for the publication of defamatory statements against him.

It is equally the responsibility of the Law Officer’s Department to release Mr. Melron Nicol-Wilson to respond to a more serious allegation of attempting to kill a senior civil servant and his wife.

Lawyers for Mr. Abdul Lamin (Ameriken) are expected to enter an appearance in the High Court for him. The writ against Mr. Abdul Lamin alias Ameriken is dated 23rd May, 2017.

It is not yet known whether, following this latest court action taken by Mr. Melron Nicol-Wilson, the Attorney General would be fair enough to release him (Mr. Melron Nicol-Wilson) to the Lumley Police Station to respond to the serious allegation of attempting to kill his in-laws as earlier claimed in a signed statement published by the defendant in this matter, Mr. Abdul Lamin alias Ameriken.

Meanwhile Mr. Melron Nicol-Wilson has just presented the Ombudsman’s 2015/16 report and his one hundred days plan to His Excellency the President at State House.

Investigations continue.


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