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Ahead of Civil Registration.. PCMP Embarks On Massive Sensitization


Ahead of Civil Registration.. PCMP Embarks On Massive Sensitization

By Joseph Milton Lebbie…………………………………

The Honourable Paramount Chief of Fakunya Chiefdom, Moyamba District, Ali- KavuraKongomo has embarked on a section to section sensitization tour of his chiefdom to educate his people on the essence of the coming National Civil Registration Exercise.

In an interview with Global Times in the chiefdom headquarter town of Gandorhun past Tuesday, PC kongomo, who is representing in Parliament the Paramount Chiefs in Moyamba District, said he decided to go on the sensitization tour after realizing that his people were not taking the coming registration exercise with deserved seriousness as evident in the fact that the first sensitization meeting he convened in Gandorhun section was very poorly attended with only the section chief attending such an important meeting.


“Even the Town Chief of Gandorhun who made the announcement for the meeting did not attend it,” PC Kongomo remarked disappointingly.

He furthered that he is using the tour to tell his people that none of them must evade the coming National Civil Registration in their own best interest as they will be given documents that will make the true Sierra Leoneans.

PC Kongomo concluded by suggesting that a bye-law be put in place to penalize anyone who dodges the registration exercise, otherwise, there is the possibility that many will not be registered.

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