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Airtel Makes Significant Progress


Airtel Makes Significant Progress

Under their five year Investment Plan in Sierra Leone, Airtel (Orange Sierra Leone) are determined to take their network expansion to every nook and corner of Sierra Leone. The company has embarked on a mammoth overhaul of their network infrastructure in Sierra Leone.

Over the past several weeks, the company has built and continues to build new sites in some remote areas around the country.

Airtel network is now available in areas such as Komrabia, Levuma, Telu Bongor, Koribondo, Magbenteh, Kamalo and Gombu.

Before now, no one ever thought that, these areas would be connected to the Airtel (Orange) network in Sierra Leone.

Work is progressing in other remote parts of the country to be able to connect them to the global communications network (both voice and data).

Over the past nine years, Airtel (Orange Sierra Leone) has invested US$117m (One hundred and seventeen Million United States dollars) in Sierra Leone.

The company is investing an additional US$33m (Thirty three million United States dollars) in Sierra Leone this year.


The man tasked with the difficult responsibility of overseeing this transition phase from Airtel to Orange is Sekou Drame.

Mr. Drame has been assuring Sierra Leonean subscribers of Airtel (Orange) that, very soon, their worst nightmare of poor quality of service will be a thing of the past.

Mr. Drame told the Global Times last week that, by the time they finish building and inaugurating their thirty-three new sites across the country, there would be no course for complaint by subscribers. “This is the biggest network infrastructure overhaul we are undertaking right now in Sierra Leone… As you know, telecommunications is a dynamic sector…We are installing modern technology in all the areas where we operate…This will enable our subscribers to make and receive calls without any disruptions…As you very well know, Rome was not built in a day…Very soon, we will get to the point where there would be no need for our subscribers to complain again’, Mr. Drame assured.

The Airtel (Orange) CEO noted that, they are one of the largest tax payers in the private sector in Sierra Leone. “In 2016 alone, we paid Le102 Billion (One hundred and two Billion Leones) to the Government of Sierra Leone through taxes, licences and regulatory fees…We are creating employments for hundreds if not thousands of Sierra Leoneans through our operations in the country”, Mr. Drame said.

The Airtel (Orange Sierra Leone) CEO noted that, they are in Sierra Leone for the long run. “We are here to stay as long as the investment climate remains conducive for us and our shareholders…We can’t afford to cut and run…That is why we are deploying more money and new modern technology in Sierra Leone in order to assure everyone that, we are here to contribute to national development…We have challenges in the area of infrastructure…But we are hopeful that things will improve in the country and we will all live in a modern society”, Mr. Drame concluded.


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