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Airtel Modernization Plan… Patience Is A Virtue!


Airtel Modernization Plan… Patience Is A Virtue!

By Sorie Fofana.

One of the leading telecoms operators in Sierra Leone, Airtel (Orange Sierra Leone) has embarked on a massive overhaul and modernization of their entire network infrastructure in Sierra Leone.

It is no secret that, Airtel, in the course of overhauling their entire network infrastructure, faces a lot of challenges. But, the important thing is that, the company is seriously addressing those challenges now. Very soon, subscribers will begin to realize the dividends from the massive overhaul of the Airtel network infrastructure.

This year alone, Airtel is investing US$33m (thirty-three million United States dollars) in overhauling their entire network infrastructure in order to improve quality of service.

They are building thirty-three new tower sites across the country. Work is progressing at a faster rate. In fact, in areas where new tower sites have been inaugurated, subscribers are full of praises for Airtel. Very soon, Airtel subscribers will stop complaining about poor network or drop calls.

In the past nine years, Airtel has invested US$117m (One hundred and seventeen million United States dollars) in Sierra Leone. The company is the biggest tax payer and the largest employers in the private sector in Sierra Leone.

Airtel MD

The Airtel (Orange) brand name is internationally recognised. The company cannot, therefore, afford to offer sub-standard services to subscribers anywhere in the world.

Very soon, people will begin to realize that Airtel means business, when they talk about modernizing their entire network infrastructure.

Subscribers have to be patient and allow the company to finish the good work they have started in modernizing their network infrastructure across the county.

With the five-year modernization plan, Airtel is determined to give subscribers value for money, by improving on quality of service.

It will take time to finish the modernization work. But, once it is finished, subscribers will realize a sea-change in the company’s operations.

Let us give Airtel more time to complete the modernization plan which they have already started.

It has to be pointed out that, Rome was not built in a day. Airtel subscribers will soon realize that, it is always advisable to be patient when a work of such magnitude is being carried out by private investors.

Airtel subscribers will soon realize a massive change in the way they communicate through voice and data.

There is sense in the Biblical saying that, patience is a virtue!


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