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Alie Kabba Blasts IMC For Monologue


Alie Kabba Blasts IMC For Monologue

A prominent United States based Sierra Leonean opposition politician has condemned the country’s media regulator for suspending the popular radio programme, Monologue describing the decision as ‘totalitarian’.
Dr. Alie Kabba who was reacting to the news of the suspension of the radio programme by the Independent Media Commission (IMC) said the act itself is a demonstration of ‘totalitarian APC and an imperial Presidency crushing press freedom and legitimate constitutional right to dissent”
Dr. Kabba who is also contending for the flagbearership of the SLPP said the suspension of the popular radio programme is meant to silence the media outlet that has been at the vanguard of exposing corruption in government. “The so-called Independent Media Commission has shown itself to be nothing more than a lapdog of the government that is used to harass professional journalists doing their jobs, especially those that get under the skin of APC officials”, he lambasted.
According to Dr. Kabba, the IMC has been consistent in its quest to arm twist radio stations that do not support the ruling APC. He said this is not the first time the IMC has taken Dr. David Tam Bayoh’s popular programme off the air for merely exposing corruption in high places and called for the immediate lifting of the suspension.
Meanwhile, the SLPP Presidential hopeful has also condemned the extension of the State of Public Emergency, maintaining that the ruling government was manipulating it to harass opposition supporters.
The House of Parliament last week approved the extension of the state of emergency by popular acclamation.

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