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Alie Kabba Calls For Special Fund For SLPP!


Alie Kabba Calls For Special Fund For SLPP!

Formidable candidate for SLPP Flagbearer, Alie Kabba, appeals to other potential aspirants to unite and support the party morally and financially in order to focus squarely on the immediate urgency of defeating APC and saving our country from further ruins.
In a video message to party members, Alie Kabba calls on fellow Flagbearer aspirants, party leadership and membership to rally the party and the country around core pragmatic ideas that will revitalize the party, bind and cure the wounds of SLPP internal politics so as to bring about transformational change to the long-suffering people of Sierra Leone.
To enhance SLPP’s preparedness for council elections and to make the party competitive in voter registration as well as to be critically involved in the monitoring of the ongoing census activities, Alie Kabba invites fellow SLPP Flagbearer aspirants, particularly those who have declared their intention to run, to immediately agree to infuse at least One Billion Leones into a Special Fund to sustain and bolster the national party at this critical juncture. If ten aspirants, including those who have already declared and those who wish to declare in the future, agree to take up Alie Kabba’s challenge and contribute 100 million Leones each, the party would have One Billion Leones in the Special Fund to streamline urgently needed party initiatives and develop a winning campaign strategy for local and district elections and to lay the foundation for a successful national campaign for the presidency in 2017.
Alie Kabba understands that over and above individual ambitions, members of SLPP love their party, and should therefore endeavour to make it competitive so we can stand a better chance of winning the next general elections against the well-oiled machine of the incumbent APC.
Alie Kabba’s clarion call to the party faithful to unite signals a particularly worrying development to APC rogues who are cheerily comfortable with the status quo in the SLPP. As a result, the party leadership must embrace the opportunity and encourage other Flagbearer aspirants to answer the call to action to beef up the party’s coffers to facilitate urgently needed programs geared towards modernizing the party and enhancing its ability to compete at all levels. This is a call that should be seen as a positive move for SLPP members and for all Sierra Leoneans who cherish our time-honoured democratic values and wish to see a vibrant opposition party take over power from a corrupt and inept APC that has lost the confidence of the people.
“If we must succeed as a nation, we must be prepared to embrace democracy in its true and taintless form. The more we aspire and work towards the acceptable norm, the better it would be for our national development and international respectability,” Alie Kabba said.
A wholesome functioning Opposition party provides an essential element in the democratic structure; it is a vital component for the smooth running of society itself. For in a well-structured, soberly-defined democratic set up, the opposition provides a tangible official outlet for the multiplicity of opinions and gives credence to the shades of views that beautify our different experiences and coordinate our peculiar pathways as we move towards a unified platform.
It is self-defeatist for any serious political system to allow one party to “erase” or “nullify” the other. For in a democracy, the relevance of the ruling party depends, to a large extent, on the existence of a vibrant and functioning opposition.
To carry out its mandated functions, which include shadowing and scrutinizing the activities of the ruling government in every aspect of governance, the Opposition has to be properly organized and fiercely outspoken.
“SLPP has to be innovative in outmatching the ruling APC in our vision for the country. We need to nurture bold ideas that are backed by practical vision. This can only be injected by a fearless and smart leadership,” said Alie Kabba.
By calling for unity and challenging the leadership to action, Alie Badara Sanjan Kabba has hit the proverbial nail on the rattling rafters which, if left unattended, could be so easily swept aside by the mean-machine of the ravaging APC. If, as is expected, other aspirants decide to heed this cry, it would certainly act to move the focus of building the party beyond the talking point.
That is why Alie Kabba’s call to action is resonating very well with the rank and file of the party who are tired of being bamboozled with empty rhetoric.
The basic reality for the teeming contestants is that without a well-organized SLPP, there will be no contest! And we have all seen how swift-footed opportunists just run off to “the next best thing”, leaving the party in political wilderness.
To make the party attractive and effective, adequate funding is not only an unavoidable factor that needs to be seriously addressed, but it is imperative. Those who believe that running a Party and driving it to electoral victory is a charity show are living on another planet.
Alie Kabba is a man of vision and action, and his latest video message to the party is just another affirmation of his emerging role as frontrunner and best bet in the campaign for SLPP Flagbearer and President of Sierra Leone.

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