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Alie Kabba Takes New Direction To Russia


Alie Kabba Takes New Direction To Russia

Sierra Leone’s dynamic Foreign Minister, Dr. Alie Kabba is leading a high- level Government delegation to Moscow, Russia.

Dr. Kabba said that the essence of the visit is to build upon and strengthen the already very cordial bi-lateral relationship with the Government of the Russian Federation.

Dr. Alie Kabba and his Russian counterpart, Sergev Lavrof are due to address a joint press conference in Moscow tomorrow.

Members of the Sierra Leone delegation include the Deputy Ministers of Development and Economic Planning and Trade and Industry and the Chairmen of NCP (National Commission for Privatisation) and SALCAB (Sierra Leone Cable Limited).

Yesterday, Dr. Alie Kabba addressed a cross section of Sierra Leonean students studying in the Russian Federation. The address took place at the Sierra Leone Chancery in Moscow.

The delegation is expected in Freetown on Friday


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