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All Hail PAC Report


All Hail PAC Report

By Sorie Fofana…………………
When the PAC (Public Accounts Committee) commenced investigations into several queries raised by the Auditor General, in her investigation into the Management of Ebola Funds, many people waited with bated breath for the outcome of that investigation.
After the PAC Report was published on the Parliamentary website, public anxiety to access it grew by leaps and bounds.
It is against this backdrop that the Global Times decided to publish the report in its entirety, to give the people of this country the opportunity to be able to read it and make their own judgment.
Last week, the House of Parliament debated the PAC Report in full. The Report received overwhelming cross party support in the House of Parliament. MPs publicly commended members of the PAC, for doing a marvelous job.
A few opposition MPs (at least two out of forty-two opposition MPs) accused the PAC of publishing a biased report against some South/Easterners mentioned in the Report. These two opposition MPs failed to realise that, it is common practice for the PAC to keep within the scope of the Audit Report.
After all, it was the Ministry of Health and Sanitation that was thoroughly investigated by the Auditor General. And just by coincidence, the Permanent Secretary, the Director of Finance and the Procurement Officer in the Ministry who were recommended for suspension by the PAC hail from the South/Eastern part of the country. Ironically, some members of the PAC also hail from the South/Eastern part of the country.
All said and done, the PAC Report has been widely supported and commended even by our donor partners.
The Chairman of the PAC, Hon. Chernor Bah of the governing APC party and other members of the committee deserve a pat on their back, for a job well done.
Keep it up, PAC!

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