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AMA Organizes Quranic Reading Competition


AMA Organizes Quranic Reading Competition

By Lansana Fofanah.

The African Muslims Agency (AMA) on Thursday hosted a Quranic reading competition in honor of the founder of the Agency, Dr. Abdul Rahman Summait at the Muammar Ghadafi Mosque Rokupr, Freetown.

Giving the background of the competition, the newly appointed Country Director, Nadjib Neghra said that Dr. Summait was born in Kuwait in 1947and died in 2013. He said that before his death, he went to Great Britain and Canada where he studied Medicine and upon his return to Kuwait, he saw the need to establish an agency that would focus on the plight of Africans which saw the establishment of the AMA, which now exists in 30 African countries.

Director Neghra said that, God created Angel Gibril and gave him the Holy Quran to reveal it to Prophet Muhammad which makes him greater than any other Prophet created, and that during his religious travail, he revealed the Quran during Ramadan; the Night of Lailatul Qadr which is also a powerful time than every other night, noting that anyone with the opportunity to have the knowledge of the Quran, is also a respected person.

He said that in honor of the late founder, the competition seeks to spot young Muslims that have memorized parts (Juzus) of the Quran.

Sulaiman  Umar Jalloh came first, Ishmael Abubakar Jalloh secured the second position and Mohamed Foday Kamara V, came third. Various prizes were presented to them.

Africa Muslims Agency has been existence in Sierra Leone as early as 1995. The Agency has been providing relief services in health, education and social services.


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