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An Open Letter To President Bio


An Open Letter To President Bio


Your Excellency,

Ref: The Imperative Need For A Commission Of Inquiry.

Your Excellency, I congratulate you on your election and swearing-in as President of the Republic of Sierra Leone. I wish you well in that noble office and I pray that the Almighty grants you the infinite wisdom and statecraft  to steer the affairs of this country with distinction.

Your Excellency, there is no gainsaying that the Government that you have succeeded was corrupt and had records of gross economic malfeasance, procurement irregularities and administrative malaise. The people of Sierra Leone are asking for social justice, accountability and transparency.

Throughout the five regions of the country, the topical issue on the lips of ordinary people has been what your administration intends to do in relation to looking into cases of glaring corruption or open subornation engaged in and perfected by the past administration. Your Government can start on a very strong footing  and endear itself  to so many if you can set up an independent commission of inquiry to look into cases of corruption and bad governance under the previous administration.

Your Excellency, the fight against corruption was an integral part of your campaign promises and you should be seen staying true to your words. A commission of inquiry will strengthen the governance system and reinforce the trust of the people in you.

Looking forward to seeing Your Excellency acts in a very decisive manner! Best regards!

Yours faithfully,

Austine Luseni

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