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An Open Letter To President Yayah Jammeh Of The Gambia


An Open Letter To President Yayah Jammeh Of The Gambia

Dear President Jammeh,………………

Following the announcement by the Chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission that, you lost the 1st December, 2016 Presidential elections to your main challenger, Adama Barrow, you made a very moving concession speech, which made the whole world to have a very different view about you.

I was shocked, to learn later that, you have changed your mind, by disputing the outcome of the 1st December polls. You claimed that, the figures announced by the IEC did not add up. I find that very shocking and even unbelievable!

Mr. President, each time I listen to your concession speech on radio, I always ask myself this question: who forced you to concede defeat and even congratulate the man who defeated you in those transparent polls? A good leader does not flip-flop!

Mr. President, in the name of God, I ask you to kindly demit office peacefully and hand over power to President-elect, Adama Barrow.


Mr. President, after twenty-two years in office, what else do you want? Can’t you leave office peacefully and go into retirement in your village farm? Why can’t you put the interest of the people of The Gambia above your personal interest? Don’t you know that there is life (I mean good life) after the Presidency?

On Tuesday this week, four West African leaders (all of them older than you), travelled to your country, to plead with you, to stick to the transition timetable and leave office peacefully.

Two of those West African leaders are even old enough to be your mother and father. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia and Muhamadu Buhari of Nigeria, are highly respected Presidents in West Africa. Why can’t you listen to their wise counsel?

President John Dramani Mahama of Ghana was recently voted out of office. He openly conceded defeat and has agreed to hand over power peacefully to the winner of the December 7 polls, Nana Akufo-Addo.

President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone is expected to leave office in February 2018. All these people have won the admiration of the whole world, for their strict adherence to peaceful democratic change of power.

Mr. President, those who are telling you to cling on to power, against the will of the people of The Gambia, do not like you. Those who are encouraging you to hand over power peacefully are your genuine friends. Please, Mr. President, listen to the advice of your colleague West African leaders!

Mr. President, there is no way you will stay in office peacefully after January 18, 2017. Your personal security, in and out of The Gambia will no longer be guaranteed. It is in your best interest, to leave office peacefully, than allow West African leaders to force you out of office. And you know what that means!

Mr. President, did you not learn any lesson from the disgraceful exit from power in Ivory Coast of President Laurent Gbagbo? Where is President Gbagbo now? Where is Maj. Johnny Paul Koroma of my own country now?

Mr. President, my best advice to you (as an elder brother) is please, negotiate a peaceful exit from State House and retire in your village farm. Don’t go against the will of God!

As a devoted Muslim, never go against the will of God. You were destined to govern your country peacefully for twenty-two years. What a privilege that is! You have served your country for twenty-two years as President. What else do you want, Mr. President?

Let me repeat what the ECOWAS President said this week, “Every option to see President Jammeh leave office will remain on the table…I cannot rule in or rule out anything”. I hope you fully understand the ECOWAS Position on West African leaders, who refuse to abide by the will of their people? They are normally forced out of office!

Mr. President and elder brother, by leaving office peacefully, your name will be boldly and colorfully written in the history books of West Africa. And Gambians will forever remain grateful to you for, preventing their country from sliding into anarchy.

Mr. President, let me end this open letter to you, by quoting a famous Yalunka proverb which says, “Only a stubborn fly will follow a corpse to the grave”.

Thank you Mr. President! May you think and act wisely in the interest of the people of The Gambia.

Yours sincerely,

Sorie Fofana.


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