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Anti- Violence Movement Condemns Save The Children


Anti- Violence Movement Condemns Save The Children

By Minkailu Turay…….
The report issued by an International Non-Government Organisation (NGO), Save the Children on the Ebola situation in Sierra Leone has been described by a local NGO, the anti-Violence Movement as dangerous, disappointment and a mere strategy to attract donors’ support. The report published a couple of weeks ago stated that five people died of Ebola every hour in Sierra Leone.
Reacting to the report past Saturday at a press briefing organised at the Anti-Violence Movement Office, 68 Berwick Street Freetown the Executive Director Bernard Conteh stated that having monitored the Ebola situation in Sierra Leone he considered the report to be amplified which he said does not reflect the true situation and gains made so far by the government and its international partners. He mentioned that the measures adopted by government to halt Ebola pandemic in the country including the ose-to-ose campaign has been successful.
“We consider the assumption used to arrive at such conclusion to be bias and subjective to data published only within a week rather than being reflective of the time frame and number of confirmed cases since the outbreak in May this year”, Mr. Conteh said.
He stated that such report will only increase the level of fear and claustrophobia among citizens especially towards Ebola patients and survivors which according to him will have a boomerang effect on the security of the state and the image of the country.
Director Conteh noted the strides being made by Save the Children in Sierra Leone but however cautioned them not to use such situation “to justify their financial curiosity”.
Mr. Conteh also called on President Koroma to do all in his power to restructure the Emergency Operation Committee (EOC) and ensure that members work within the mandate.
In his statement, the Director of Sierra Leone Civil Health Coalition, Alphonso Manley said the Save the Children report has the propensity to create more fear for the people. He condemned the report as damning and called on government to investigate the motive behind it.
The meeting was chaired by Edward Marah, Editor-In-Chief of The Informant newspaper who observed that the EOC is on the verge of sabotaging government effort towards the Ebola fight.
The vote of thanks was delivered by Abu Bakarr Kargbo of the Standard Times Press who is also a board member of the movement. Buried

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