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APC Flag Bearer Race… Hon. Kemoh Sesay Speaks Out


APC Flag Bearer Race… Hon. Kemoh Sesay Speaks Out

In an exclusive interview with Hon. Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay at his Hill Station residence in Freetown over the weekend, the current Minister of Works, Housing and Infrastructure told the Global Times that, he was interested in becoming the APC flag bearer and subsequently President of Sierra Leone in 2018 if it is the will of God.

He noted that Presidency is a very serious matter. “To become President, you have to be of a good frame of mind, God-fearing, honest, experienced, straight forward and understand the needs of the people of the country”, Hon. Kemoh Sesay said.

Hon. Kemoh Sesay said that, he has tasted the good, the bad and the ugly side of life. “I was falsely accused of being an accomplice in drug trafficking, I got seriously sick and even suffered Stroke to the point that, I thought I was going to die…But God has seen me through all of these challenges and here I am today, serving as a Cabinet Minister in the APC Government headed by President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma”, Hon. Kemoh Sesay said.


With all of these challenges, Hon. Kemoh Sesay noted that, he believes that God has a bigger assignment for him in life.

“In 2010, I was asked by stakeholders in Port Loko district whether I was interested in the leadership of the APC Party after President Koroma would have exited the political scene in 2018…I told them that, I was not interested because my health was not good at the time…Now that I am feeling much better I think I can safely throw by hat into the ring…I have an impressive pedigree in politics…I served as a Member of Parliament in Sierra Leone for eleven years, a member of the Pan African Parliament for seven years and I have been serving in President Koroma’s Cabinet for nine years and still counting…I am grateful to God for such an opportunity”, Hon. Kemoh Sesay told the Global Times.

He noted that, at present, there is no vacancy for leadership in the APC. “When the party declares officially the post of flag bearer in the APC vacant, I will then openly declare my intention to lead the party to elections in March 2018”, Hon. Kemoh Sesay said.

The APC strongman noted that, as far as he is concerned, “all those who have shown interest in the post of flag bearer for the APC do not stand a better chance than me to win national elections for the party…Some of them were not even APC before 2007…They only joined the party after they were offered jobs by President Koroma… Some of the people who are now spending lavishly on the party are only doing so because they want something from the party…Where were they when we were challenging some of the SLPP policies in Parliament from 1996 onto 2007?… Some of them were even afraid of associating with the party whilst we were in opposition…Today, because we are in governance, they want to lead the party… That will be unfair to those of us who have suffered in this party”, Hon. Kemoh Sesay said.

The APC strongman said that, by the grace of God, the APC party will put up a God-fearing, honest and acceptable Presidential candidate like him in 2018.

He paid glowing tributes to President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma for his transformational leadership and thanked him for winning two consecutive elections for the party.


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