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“APC Has Failed Us” Former Minister Says


“APC Has Failed Us” Former Minister Says

The APC Government has failed miserably in its first responsibility to make Sierra Leoneans happy. Ninety five percent (95%) of Sierra Leoneans are not happy with their livelihood. Why?

– A bag of rice under the APC Government is sold at Le 225,000. Obviously, because of the very high cost of living, many people have resorted to continuous prayers and to heavy drinking as a way to console themselves.

– Medical services are very poor and have tripled in cost which the poor cannot afford to pay.

– Our educational system is the poorest in Africa as government has been deliberately refusing to heavily invest in it and thousands of teachers are left unpaid for years.

– Transportation cost is far more expensive now than at the time of the last SLPP government and passengers now have to pay extra for using an incomplete road.

– Road work constructions are ongoing in the country but with poor quality and costs not being disclosed by government. Why?

– No justice for the poor. Police and court cases are being manipulated making the poor to suffer unjustly.

– Unemployment under the APC Government rose to 90%.

-The National Youth Village to be constructed in Koinadugu District worth US$30,000,000 was diverted elsewhere and replaced with few ‘Ataya bases’.


– Where have all the diamonds, gold, bauxite, iron ore proceeds, etc. during the APC rule gone?

– The APC Government has accumulated over $2 billion of foreign debts for Sierra Leone. Where has that money gone?

– Who are benefiting from the massive timber logging, indiscrimate foreign fishing etc.?

– Mighty APC offices are being built country-wide rather than markets, schools, health centres, social centres etc. Why?

– Audit Sierra Leone Reports talk of millions of dollars of government money disappearing. Can we have an account of them?

Peter Bayuku


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