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“APC Is Not For Sale” Says Mamoud Tarawally


“APC Is Not For Sale” Says Mamoud Tarawally

The firebrand APC Youth League member and Presidential hopeful, Mr. Mamoud Tarawally has said in Freetown that, the APC Party is not for sale to the highest bidder. “Those who think that they can use big bags of money to buy the Party’s flag bearership have to think again…The APC Party’s flag bearer position is not for sale”, Mr. Tarawally insisted.

The outspoken APC Politician said that, he would be declaring his intention to become the Party’s flag bearer in his home district of Port Loko tomorrow. “I will be making an open declaration for the post of flag bearer in the APC Party at the Bai Bureh Memorial Hall in Port Loko tomorrow”, Mr. Tarawally said.


Mr. Tarawally said that, he would be officially handing over the magnificent Clock Tower he built for the people of Port Loko to the local authorities in Port Loko City tomorrow.

Mr. Mamoud Tarawally has held several junior Ministerial positions. He has served as Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Security, Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation, Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology and he currently serves as Deputy Minister of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment.

“I believe that, it is time for the Party to recognize those who have contributed to its success…Not those who want to use money to lead the Party…We should not make the mistake of giving the flag bearership of our party to people who have not done anything for the party except to come at the last minute and begin to splash money around…The APC Party is not for sale…We need a candidate that can be able to naturally win us an election…Not a candidate who believes in spending money to win hearts and minds”, Mr. Tarawally said.


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