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APC & Mohamed Bangura: Lessons To Be Learnt (By Sorie Fofana)


APC & Mohamed Bangura: Lessons To Be Learnt (By Sorie Fofana)

The SLPP will not forget the name Mohamed Bangura in a hurry. By the time the November 2012 elections were held, Mohamed Bangura had become a thorn in their flesh.

Mohamed Bangura With President Koroma

Mohamed Bangura With President Koroma

Mohamed Bangura was the APC attack dog (figuratively speaking). He used his UDM platform to insult Politicians opposed to President Ernest Bai Koroma. Foreign diplomats were not spared th


e extreme anger of Mohamed Bangura. Michael Schulenbergh and the former US Ambassador, Michael Owen were openly berated by Mohamed Bangura for allegedly supporting the main opposition SLPP.

Mohamed Bangura spent sleepless nights on several radio stations and the SLBC TV to insult Brig. Rtd. Julius Maada Bio, the main opposition Presidential candidate in 2012.

Mohamed Bangura withdrew his candidature from the Presidential race in support of incumbent President Ernest Bai Koroma. Bangura slavishly surrendered his UDM Party to the APC,

much to the annoyance of his young supporters.

When the APC retained power in November 2012, Mohamed Bangura was relegated to the political backburner. Not a single UDM supporter or member was even given a cleaner job at State House.

The UDM leader has been used and dumped at Bomeh by the APC. The man has been made a laughing stock even in his own house. As if that was not enough public humiliation, Bangura’s OSD security detail was recently withdrawn by the Inspector General of Police. I

G Francis Munu was furious because Bangura had publicly called for his resignation after an OSD personnel allegedly shot and killed a secondary school pupil at Dove Cut.

Mohamed Bangura must have learnt his lesson that in politics, you always ensure that your interest is firmly protected. How can you continue to support a party that does not care about your personal security and even personal wellbeing?

In future, Bangura will think twice before he gives his political backing to any politician or political party.

The good thing is that, Bangura has re-launched a major political comeback.

No matter what anybody says, Mohamed Bangura has positioned himself so well that, he might one day become the King Maker like Charles Margai was in 2007.

Watch this space!

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