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APC MP Backs George Khoryama


APC MP Backs George Khoryama

Senior opposition Member of Parliament for Constituency 066 in the Karene district, Hon. Mohamed Bangura has informed the Global Times that he 100% supports the appointment of veteran Journalist, George Khoryama as Chairman of the IMC (Independent Media Commission).

Hon. Mohamed Bangura who served as Minister of Information and Communications in the APC administration of President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma noted that, the Presidential nominee is more than qualified for the job. “He was editor of the New Breed newspaper when I was a reporter for the same newspaper…He has an independent mind and is a professional Journalist with a wide range of administrative experience, having served as Managing Editor of the Government-owned Sierra Leone Daily Mail and Editorial Consultant for several leading newspapers including the Global Times”, Hon. Bangura said.

The senior opposition Member of Parliament further noted that he has never seen Mr. Khoryama in any political party colour. “He may have his own reason for supporting the SLPP…But he has always put the interest of the country above his political party interest…He is a man who stands for the truth…I have no doubt in my mind that Mr. Khoryama can be a very good Chairman of the IMC…I will personally vote for him whenever he appears in Parliament for confirmation”, Hon Bangura assured.


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