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APC Plans To Impeach Mohamed Bangura


APC Plans To Impeach Mohamed Bangura

By Lansana Fofanah.

The main opposition All People’s Congress firebrand Member of Parliament for Constituency 066 in the Karene District, Mohamed Bangura has come under serious criticism from some of his colleague MPs and staunch supporters of the APC party for endorsing several initiatives promoted by the SLPP led government.

Following his appearance together with Hon. Bashiru Sidikie on 30th August 2018, on the Africa Young Voices Hot Seat TV program hosted by Abdul Fonti Kabia, some APC social media commentators are alleging that Hon. Bangura has “nailed APC ahead of the Commission of Enquiry,” as he was alleged to have said that the APC is guilty, but not alone as some senior SLPP members were also culpable of the so called `corrupt’ offences.

His comments and responses on the TV program have not been taken lightly by his party’s stalwarts including Hon. Hassan Sesay and others who are calling on the party’s leadership to invoke Section 77k of the 1991 Constitution which says that an MP should be impeached if he fails to represent the interest of his or her party.

Members of the APC party are claiming that Hon. Mohamed Bangura as a first timer in Parliament has no moral grounds to speak publicly on any issue pertaining the leadership of the APC without the knowledge or permission of the party’s Parliamentary whip.

In an interview with Global Times, Hon. Bangura said that all his comments and responses on the TV program never in any way undermined the interest of the party. He noted that some members of his party have started vilifying him without even watching the program or investigating the matter. “I have a message for those who are bashing me left, right and center…I want them to know that I am an old politician. If anyone wants to bring an unjustifiable fight to me, I will fight back as I am well prepared for any battle”, he fearlessly responded.

Some senior APC officials are alleging that Hon. Mohamed Bangura has always been supportive of the policies and decisions of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) which according to the APC is a betrayal.

Making his position known on the Commission of Enquiry, Hon Bangura says he and other meaningful APC members heartily welcome the setting up of a Commission of Enquiry which he says, “will put to rest all allegations that his Party massively looted the state’’.

“I know that the Commission of Enquiry will come, but one thing I know is that, no Minister will commit a crime without the knowledge of the Permanent Secretary”, Hon. Bangura said.

Another concern has to do with the independence of the Judges because we expect the government to go through the Federal Government of Nigeria for the recruitment of the Nigerian Judge that will be Chairman of the Commission”, he clarified.

Hon. Bangura said that the Commission of Enquiry should not be seen to be targeting only members of the former government, but to judiciously and fairly look into all corruption allegations and take appropriate action.


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