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Appeals Court Adjourns SLPP Case


Appeals Court Adjourns SLPP Case

By Jane B. Mansaray………………………….

The three Appeals Court Judge have adjourned to the 9th May 2017 in order to allow counsels on both sides to serve synopsis of their case within a week.

According to one of the Judges in the matter, Justice Reginald Fynn they wish to proceed with the matter by way of listening to both sides’ legal arguments but were concerned with the bundles of documents before them.

Based on that, the Judges asked for an adjournment date asking counsels to serve synopsis of major points in relation to the matter in court by way of writing within a week.


Justice Alusine Sesay added that the synopsis will help both sides to go through their documents served and at the same time shorten the proceedings and make way for a speedy trial.

The three Judges in the matter including Justice Alusine Sesay, Justice Reginald Fynn and Justice Allan B. Hallowel adjourned the matter to the 9th May 2017.

It will be recalled that in late 2016 aggrieved supporters of the main opposition SLPP including Alusine Bangura, Victor Sheriff and others filed a petition at the High Court against the party executive challenging the outcome of thirty nine (39) constituency elections in the lower level elections conducted in 2016.

The matter was assigned to High Court Judge, Justice Babatunde Edwards for legal interpretation.

At the High Court, Counsel for the plaintiffs,  Lawyer Sulaiman Banja Tejan Sie made several submissions including parallel executive lists submitted in the elections and kindly asked the court to annul the results of the (39) constituencies elections conducted and at the same time make an application for an interlocutory injunction against the party.

The application was objected to by respondents’ lead counsel, Lawyer Umaru Napoleon Koroma who asked the court to ignore the application and consider the national interest of the SLPP being the oldest political party in the country.

Justice Edwards in his ruling did not grant the application but ruled in favor of the Sierra Leone People’s Party ordering them to go ahead with the party activities.

This Judgment did not go down well with the plaintiffs in the matter who decided to appeal against the High Court ruling.

The three Appeals Court Judges slammed an interlocutory injunction on the SLPP restraining them from carrying out any party activities until the end of the matter.


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