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At Court Martial….. 1st Accused Produces Video Evidence.


At Court Martial….. 1st Accused Produces Video Evidence.

By Alhaji Saidu Kamara.

The 1st accused Capt. P.E. Kamara has produced documentary evidence as court exhibits a video clip showing a footage of the training exercise which he conducted for members of the Presidential Guard Force (PGF) and photos of the training to attest the firing exercise which he tendered in the ongoing Military Court Martial presided over  by Justice Alhaji Momoh-Jah Stevens as the Judge Advocate and a panel of senior army officers led by the Chief of Army Staff of the 3rd Infantry Brigade, Col. Karefa Kamara.

The 1st accused Capt. P.E. Kamara was the former Commander of the PGF attached to the former President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.

He is jointly charged with two senior members of the PGF in the persons of; 2nd accused Samuel Conteh, Warrant Officer Class One (WOI) and 3rd accused Abubakarr Jalloh, Warrant Officer Class Two (WOII).

The Prosecution alleges that during the back loading of arms and ammunition from the Joint Presidential Guard Force to the Joint Logistic Unit (JLU) in Murray Town on April 2018; about 80 rounds of ammunition were missing.

The Prosecution also alleges that the 1st accused did not provide documentation to indicate that they conducted training and test firing exercise for members of the PGF. The 1st accused was led in evidence by his Defense Counsel Ade Macauley. He told the Court that five trainings were conducted between 2009 and 2013. He outlined the types of ammunition used during the various training and attested to the firing exercises as follows: 1st accused told the Court that he was given permission and escorted by armed military police to an internet café where he was able to down load this video to a memory stick. The video shows the demonstration of the Anti Aircraft guns which he tendered as exhibit, “2009  9mm Pistol, Submachine Guns, General Purpose Machine Guns, RPG 12.7MM Anti Aircraft (AA) Guns and 14.5 mm (AA) Guns. By 2010, all the weapons mentioned except for the 14.5 AA Guns, 12AA Guns, MIH or Daracula vehicle were used in 2011, all the guns were used and fired in 2013, noting that all the guns used in 2012 as well as the 12.7 and the Heavy Machine Guns and the RPG Bombs were fired during the training. He continued that the 14.5mm AA. Guns were not fired or used. They were taken to the firing range at the Armed Forces Training Center (AFTC) at Benguema. The 1st accused also tendered in Court four different e-mail letters from his former Commander of the PGF, Lt. Col. S. Sesay pertaining to the arms and ammunition vehicles, personnel strength, clothing and store. He said this was the information the ex-Commander of the PGF requested for as he was out of the country planning to prepare his handing over note. He said Lt. Col. S.T. Sesay is currently in Ghana pursuing his Senior Command Staff course.

It would be recalled that the three accused persons between 1st January 2008 and 19th June 2018 in Freetown conspired and stole from the Government of Sierra Leone various ammunitions worth over 80,000 US Dollars. They are before the Court Martial to answer to five Count Charges.

The 2nd accused is represented by Defense Counsel D. Taylor and 3rd Accused is represented by Lawyer A.V. Kamara and assisted by J.K. Sesay. The trial was adjourned to Tuesday 16 April, 2018 at Army Headquarter, Cockril Wilkinson Road in Freetown.


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