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Baby Mustapha Flown Out For Surgery


Baby Mustapha Flown Out For Surgery

By Lansana Fofanah.                                           

The intervention of the First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone, the dynamic Mrs. Fatima Bio has drawn public sympathy to the health condition of Mustapha Augustus Robert Jnr. commonly known as Baby Mustapha.

As more funds came in, Baby Mustapha has been flown to India together with his mother and grandmother through the Turkish Airline for surgery.

Briefing the Press before their departure, Mrs. Fatima Bio said that Mustapha’s case has been a daunting one as people have started playing politics with the health of the poor boy. “I am not into this to score political points but to save the life of a Sierra Leonean that deserves the right to life”, she said.

“Sierra Leoneans have the capacity to make things happen when they are ready. We all have played our individual roles to save a fellow citizen’s life”.

Her mother is donating part of her organ which would have been done by any other mother out there. Baby Mustapha is not my child but a Sierra Leonean.

She expressed her appreciation over the cooperation so far from donors that have seen this surgery happen.

The First Lady expressed her appreciation to President Julius Maada Bio for approving the tickets and taking care of part of the hospital bill.

She called on everyone to keep donating to Baby Mustapha through her mother’s account as they need more support after the operation. She craved the indulgence of Sierra Leoneans to pray for the kid and the departing team.

The mother of Baby Mustapha, Christphine Daphne Roberts thanked all those that played an active role in saving the life of her kid. “I don’t think my son would have gotten this massive support without the intervention of the First Lady. Her presence in this campaign has given hope to me that my son will go through this operation and come back healthy “, she said.

The leading Advocate for the campaign for Baby Mustapha, Ishmael Alfred Charles expressed his gratitude to everyone for heeding their call in saving the life of Baby Mustapha.

He said that the team will be spending three months at the Max Super Speciality Hospital in Delhi, India and will return after a hopeful successful operation.

Baby Mustapha has been suffering from Biliary Atretia since December 2017.


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