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Between A ‘Bad’ Journalist And An Expired Politician


Between A ‘Bad’ Journalist And An Expired Politician

By Abubakarr Joe Sesay.

We had no intention of picking up a fight with the National Chairman and Leader of the SLPP, Dr. Prince Alex Harding until his lackeys branded our editor, Sheikh M. Bawoh a ‘brown envelop journalist’ in an unsigned press release issued last week.
Sheikh, by any means is not a perfect man and has never claimed to be perfect. But in a country where every fabric of society has suffered some sort of degradation, we strongly believe he has so far carried himself along well enough.
That this is the first time in his over twenty years in journalism somebody has referred to him as a ‘brown envelop journalist’, is a testimony to the fact. We will therefore dismiss the claim as one of those comments made by people who are unhappy with our work even if the facts contain therein are undisputable.

Dr. Prince Alex Harding is a well-known politician having served as Secretary General of the SLPP for almost eleven years. He has name recognition particularly after the killer helicopter incidence in 2007, but loathe by many in and out of the party. He is vindictive, petty, incompetent, and has voracious appetite for money, all these characters he has exhibited in his very short reign as Chairman and Leader of the SLPP.
He dismissed about seven staff members at the SLPP headquarters immediately after becoming National Chairman and Leader because they did not support his bid for that position. He has sidelined and made life uncomfortable for several National Officers of the party for the same reason. Dr. James Rogers, the National Financial Secretary was thrown out of office in almost similar fashion as the Administrative Secretary, Alhaji Brima Koroma. The female Treasurer, Martha Kanagbo has suffered the brunt of Dr. Harding’s vindictive administrative style having been physically attacked three times now by his thugs.
Competent leaders announce their arrival or readiness to govern or administer with a sound set of policies and clear cut visions like the SLPP Presidential candidate, Brig. Rtd. Julius Maada Bio did recently, not with terrifying antics. Terrorizing a political party can have a telling effect on the moral of its members, especially as elections are just around the corner. But when you have a leader whose only contribution to the party is the beautiful signature he appends on documents crafted by others, sadly the SLPP would have to rely on extra work from dedicated and committed party stalwarts like J J Saffa, Dr. Abass Bundu, Hon. Rado Yokie, Dr. Alie Kabba among others to cover his gross ineptitude and incompetence.
As it is, the SLPP is in an unfortunate situation. They have a Chairman who is not only mentally handicapped but who is also dangerously undermining the chances of the party by his very poor and insincere administrative and leadership style.
To remove the SLPP from this state of quagmire, it sons and daughters must be braved to say to Dr. Harding and his likes that enough is enough. Enough of his thuggery! Enough of his insincerity! Enough of his pettiness! And enough of his divide and rule style of administration!
Crude leadership techniques which characterized Dr. Harding’s eleven years reign as Secretary General have long expired and have no place in modern politics. We are well in to the age of technology where those still repairing typewriters shouldn’t be made to lord over IT specialists. Period!
Thankfully, the Bio’s campaign is cognizance of those defects at the top. No wonder therefore that the whole exercise is not contingent on one man, not least Dr. Harding’s ability to deliver. There is nothing to deliver on after all, except thuggery which is not a useful component of this campaign.
On a final note, the SLPP will be awarding symbols in the weeks ahead. We are investigating claims that some in high places are already making fortune out of the exercise. We are also investigating reports of a whopping one hundred million Leones which has been withdrawn from the party’s account including over three thousand dollars equivalent in allowances for the short trip to London.
Now you probably would understand why the National Treasurer, Martha Kanagbo is always a target for thugs.
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