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Brig. Bio Blasts Judiciary


Brig. Bio Blasts Judiciary

The November 2012 flag bearer of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party, Brig. Rtd. Julius Maada Bio has urged senior members of the judiciary to rebuild the confidence that has been lost in the judicial system of the country.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Global Times, Brig. Bio said even though it is the constitutional responsibility of the judiciary to be fair the dispensation of justice, some of its senior members on the bench were ignoring the ethical and moral values of the profession for favours from above.

While urging the judiciary to refrain from doing those things that would undermine the peace and stability of the country, Brig. Bio underscored the importance of a credible and fair justice system, noting that a biased judiciary was the “hallmark of a failing country”.

Brig. Bio whose public comment came in the wake of the recent High Court verdict which paved the way for the ruling APC party to gain two more seats from the SLPP strongholds in the East of the country, said it is clear that under normal circumstances those two seats would never be won by the APC.

He said the recent verdict and several others have put the judiciary under the spot light as one sector that was bent on undermining the peace and tranquility of the country which has gone through turbulent years of war.

“It is not uncommon to hear a Judge or Magistrate saying that he or she has orders from above to do this, that or the other”, the former SLPP flag bearer observed.

Brig. Bio concluded that the lack of confidence in the judiciary would not only drive away investors but more importantly it would encourage high level of lawlessness in the country.

“If State House is today referred to as the epic centre of lawlessness, it is because the judiciary is promoting lawlessness from there down to the common man in the street” , he noted.

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