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Chief Kapen Letter To PPRC


Chief Kapen Letter To PPRC




The Chairman


Tower Hill


28th August, 2017

Dear Sir,

The SLPP National Party Conference,

Kenema, 15th-17th September, 2017.

I write to inform your Commission that at a meeting of the SLPP National Executive Council (NEC) held on Saturday, 19th instant, it was resolved to convene the long-awaited National Party Conference of the SLPP at Kenema City from the 15th  to 17th September, 2017.

My attention has been drawn to the contents of a letter dated 7th August addressed by the PPRC to Abu B.S. Sangarie Esq, Solicitor of Mr. John Oponjo Benjamin. I would like to inform the Commission that for a number of reasons, not least being the constraints of time and finance, it is proposed that the National Party Conference will hold two elections consecutively for the Presidential Candidate and for the National Officers of the Party. For these two elections an Independent Elections Monitoring and Oversight Committee (IEMOC) has already been established under Clause 9 of the Gazetted Rules and Regulations for the Conduct of Executive Elections of the SLPP of 29th January 2016. While the said Rules and Regulations shall apply to the election of the National Officers, the Gazetted Rules and Regulations for the Election of the SLPP Presidential Candidate of 31st July 2017 shall be used for the election of the SLPP Presidential Candidate for the scheduled 2018 National Presidential Election.

The IEMOC is under the Chairmanship of Professor Lawrence Kamara of Fourah Bay College and comprises six others members. It shall be the sole responsibility of the IEMOC to supervise and conduct both elections.

For the purposes of the said elections I have authenticated with my signature as Chairman of the NEC the Delegates List ratified and approved by the NEC. I have since forwarded it to the Chairman of the IEMOC both for public display and for the conduct of the elections as ordered in the Judgment of the Supreme Court, of which Your Lordship was a member, in the matter of Alie Essa Bangura versus Chief Bai Sebora Somanoh Kapen III and 27 others dated the 15th December 2015. A copy of the authenticated Delegates List is attached for your retention.

With kind regards

Yours sincerely,


Chief Bai Sebora Samonoh Kapen III

National Chairman and Leader

Cc:        The National Secretary-General

The Regional Vice-Chairmen

The Aspirants for Flag Bearer of the  SLPP

The Chairman, IEMOC


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