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Chief Minister Hails Fambul Tok


Chief Minister Hails Fambul Tok

By: Sylvester Samba.

The Chief Minister has noted that ‘One of the good things coming out of the country is Fambul Tok’.

Prof. David Francis was delivering a keynote address during a five-day conference on Constellating Peace from the Inside Out that brought peace practitioners from over ten countries together. He said Fambul Tok created space for open dialogue and took the lead in post war healing and reconciliation. He said Fambul Tok pioneered indigenous restorative justice and today most communities have been healed.

He said the Wi Na Wan Fambul  National Framework developed by Fambul Tok and Catalyst for Peace focuses on inclusive governance and development, adding that Government has also done a national plan to move the country’s development aspirations forward. He stressed on the importance of peace, adding that peace and development are two sides of the same coin as peace is a pre-requisite for development.

The Chief Minister emphasized his government’s commitment to the People’s Planning Process (PPP), adding that it’s participatory and community owned.

President of Catalyst for Peace, Libby Hoffman, in her joint presentation with John Caulker, Executive Director of Fambul Tok demonstrated the “crack cup” that has holes and cannot retain anything because of several issues

She said if communities are not in peace, development aspirations will be far-fetched. She said her partnership with Fambul Tok over the past 12 years has been very fruitful in building peace from the inside and empowering community initiatives

Executive Director of Fambul Tok, John Caulker in his words said sharing experiences with various peace practitioners from all over the world is a big achievement not only for Fambul Tok and Catalyst for Peace but for the whole world.

He also spoke of the strong partnership both organizations have been enjoying and said they have developed the Wi Na Wan Fambul National Framework for inclusive governance and local government.

He said the framework outlines a holistic, community owned and led process leading to a national People’s Plan. He said the whole essence of the People’s Planning Process (PPP) is to mobilise communities to lead in their own recovery and development.

Over one hundred participants from fifteen countries such as Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia, Rwanda, Kenya, Ireland, Australia, Zimbabwe and  Canada,

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