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Chiefdom Police Killed


Chiefdom Police Killed

By Alhaji Saidu Kamara.

Detectives at Moyamba Police Station are currently investigating the circumstances that led to the death of 30 year-old Chiefdom Police, Mr. Thomas Baba Lahai of Kori Chiefdom.

Sources close to the CID at Moyamba Police Division intimated the Global Times last night that the Police have succeeded in arresting three people while three other suspects are still on the run.

It would be recalled that on the 20th May 2017, Thomas Baba Lahai was instructed by the chief to deliver an invitation letter to Makoneh Village in the Kori Chiefdom.

Reports say on his way to the village, a dog owned by one Umaru Bundu allegedly bit him (Thomas Baba Lahai) and he in turn hit the dog with a big stick and eventually the dog died.

Reports further revealed that when the owner of the dog realized that the Chiefdom Police Officer had killed his dog, he organized some people to attack Thomas Baba Lahai on the pretext that the late Lahai wanted to rape an old woman. Lahai was beaten blue.

He was unable to withstand the pain and he eventually died the following day while three people including Hawa Koroma, Isata Momoh and Alie Murray are helping the Police in their investigations and three suspects including Umar Bundu are currently on the run.

Investigations continue

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