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Culture Radio Trains Journalists


Culture Radio Trains Journalists

By Joseph Milton Lebbie………………………………………..

The Culture Radio 104-5 FM has trained journalists in Investigative Journalism and Context Analysis in the frame work of Media for Peace.

The day-long training took place on Tuesday 6th June at the ‘Negus Nagas’ Culture Radio Resource Center along Grafton and attracted journalists from various print and electronic media houses.

While addressing participants, one of the facilitators, Joshua Nicol, who lectures at Fourah Bay College, said an Investigative Journalist should be patient and should maintain confidentially, noting that an investigative journalist who does not maintain confidentiality puts his or her life at risk, apart from endangering his or her sources.

He observed that many Sierra Leone journalists do not take their time to dig into stories or probe into the activities of government but mainly report superficial stories, agreeing that lack of financial resources is one of the major problems hindering investigative journalism.

Joshua Nicol suggested that to overcome the problem of financial constrains, investigative journalists should try to form a consortium.

Another facilitator, Sebastian Lasinger pointed out that internet research is a vital tool for Investigative Journalism, adding that protection of sources is also very essential in Investigative Journalism.

Speaking on the context analysis in the framework of Media For Peace, Dominik Lehnert from Germany, noted that journalists have a crucial role to play in promoting and sustaining peace in the country.

Peace, he said, does not just mean the silence of the guns but entails much more including institutional, cultural and social justice the absence of which makes the peace negative.

The occasion was climaxed by presentation of certificates to the participants.


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