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Dead Girl Found With Missing Body Parts


Dead Girl Found With Missing Body Parts

By Alhaji Saidu Kamara.

The New England Police Station are currently investigating how a fourteen-year-old girl (name withheld) was found dead within the precinct of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology with some of her vital parts missing.

As the 7 March 2018 general election is fast approaching the Police have received reports of ritual murder involving young girls with their vital organs missing.

In Kono district, the Motema Police Division are currently investigating a case of ritual murder of an 11-year-old girl, Sento Bangura.

In Moyamba, Koinadugu, Bonthe and in Freetown the Police are investigating similar cases of murder involving young girls.

According to the LUC at the New England Ville Police Station, Supt. Kelfala Bangura, they received a report from relatives of the missing girl, that she was sent by her mother to fetch water at a nearby public tank at Smart Lane, within the New England Ville community but never returned alive.

After the report, a search party comprising police personnel and relatives went in search of the missing girl. Few days later they discovered the remains of the innocent girl adjacent to the National Minerals Agency (NMA) headquarters lying down close to the Education Ministry headquarters.

The Police also discovered her slippers and the five gallon jerry can given to her by her mother to fetch water.

Relatives, family and neigbours were crying when they discovered the remains of the 14-year-old girl. She was conveyed to the Connaught Hospital for autopsy examination.

Parents are now in a state of panic and fear for the rampant reports of missing young girls.

Police investigations continue.


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