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Demolition Of Brig. Mani’s House… The True Story


Demolition Of Brig. Mani’s House… The True Story

“The Times Newspaper” published a very misleading headline story yesterday by stating that the SLPP government had ordered the demolition of Retired Brigadier Gabriel Mani’s House at Off Spur Road in Freetown. It has to be stated clearly that the SLPP Government has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with the demolition of the property of Brig. (Rtd.) GST Mani. The decision to demolish the property was as a result of a High Court Order dated 1st March, 2018. The Court Order was delivered in March 2018 and the SLPP came to power in April 2018.

The Honorable Mr. Justice Allan B. Halloway, J.A. ordered on 1st March, 2018 as follows:-

  • That leave is hereby granted to the Plaintiff/Applicant (Fawzy F. Ayyoub) to issue a Writ of Possession and a Writ of Assistance-In-Aid of the Execution of a Writ of Possession aforesaid of all that property at Off Spur Road, Wilberforce, Freetown in the Western Area of the Republic of Sierra Leone measuring 0.6042 Acre in area and delineated on Survey Plan numbered LS: 182 /02 dated 28th day of February, 2002 from the Defendant herein and all those whom he has allowed occupation thereof”.

This same property was first sold to Mr. Moufid Rashid of ICC (International Construction Company) in 1989 by Frank Karefa-Smart. In December 1996, Mr. Moufid Rashid sold it to the late Mr. Hussein Abbas Mackie (the father of Hisham Mackie). In February 2002, Mr. Hussein Abbas Mackie sold it to Mr. Fawzy F. Ayyoub.

mani doc1

Very recently, Mr. Fawzy Ayyoub reportedly issued a Power of Attorney to Mr. Mohamed Ayyoub to represent his interest in the matter.

From the above chronicle of events, it can be seen clearly that Mr. Hisham Mackie has nothing to do with this property. His late father had relinquished interest in this property, by selling it to Mr. Fawzy Ayyoub since February, 2002.

It is sad that, after the demolition exercise on Sunday, some people attacked the private property of Mr. Hisham Mackie by pelting his house with stones and some dangerous missiles. Mr. Mackie called for Police protection and the Police responded positively.

The President of the Lebanese Community in Sierra Leone, Mr. Samir Hassanyeh visited the scene and consoled the family of Rtd. Brig. Gabriel Mani.

It has to be clarified that both Mr. Fawzy Ayyoub and Mr. Mohamed Ayyoub are not Lebanese nationals and therefore do not belong to the Lebanese Community in Sierra Leone.

In an interview with the Global Times last night, Mr. Hisham Mackie described the Gabriel Mani Family as “very peaceful neighbours”.

A senior Barrister and Solicitor in Freetown noted last night that it was regrettable that the Gabriel Mani Family did not make any moves to stop the execution of the Court Order by every available legal means. “All I can say to you is that the law is the law and the law is no respecter of persons”, the legal luminary commented last night.

Investigation continues.


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