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Deport The Deranged Son Of Satan, Evangelist Victor Ajisafe!


Deport The Deranged Son Of Satan, Evangelist Victor Ajisafe!

By Sorie Fofana.

Social media platforms are awash with an audio clip depicting the voice of a deranged Evangelist, Victor Ajisafe of the Sanctuary Praise Church in Sierra Leone, making incendiary comments about Islam. Such a man is not fit to live in a peaceful country like Sierra Leone.

How can a criminal like Victor Ajisafe provoke religious tension in a country widely acclaimed for its religious tolerance? If Evangelist Ajisafe had made such inciting statements to violence in his home country of Nigeria, he would have been killed like a village mad dog.

Such a lunatic is not fit to live in this country. The earlier he is put on the next flight bound for Nigeria, the better for peace and stability to continue to rein in Sierra Leone.

The Police should keep him under protective custody until an available flight bound for Nigeria is arranged for him.  Victor Ajisafe is a very dangerous man. He was once tried for treason in this country after he prayed fervently for the 1997 AFRC Military coup to succeed.

He even promised to wipe his backside with the Holy Bible if the then overthrown government of Ahmad Tejan Kabbah came back.

Nobody knows why Ajisafe did not walk naked in the streets of Freetown after the late President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah was reinstated in office in March 1998.

We call on the government to deport Victor Ajisafe back to Nigeria for his personal safety.

We don’t need any religious war in Sierra Leone. Christians and Muslims live like brothers and sisters in this great nation.

Evangelist Victor Ajisafe is a deranged son of Satan. Period! There are good Christians in Sierra Leone! Victor Ajisafe is a completely mad man!


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