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Director Of Lands Awaits Sentencing


Director Of Lands Awaits Sentencing

By Jane B. Mansaray.

Magistrate Albert Moody of Siaka Stevens Street Magistrate Court No.2 has adjourned the matter involving the Retired former Director of Lands and Surveys, Mr. Fayia Alpha as (accused) to the 19th July 2017 for sentencing.

The accused, Retired Director of Lands and Surveys, Mr. Fayia Alpha was yesterday found guilty on one count of economic and domestic abuse filed against him by his legally wedded wife, Mrs. Dessie Rachael Alpha (nee Sheriff).

According to the particulars of offence, the accused in 2016 at Leicester Road in Freetown abused the complainant, Mrs. Dessie Rachael Alpha by way of depriving the complainant and abandoning her and their two children.

Both the accused and complainant are in court on separate counter reports of which they have been found guilty of.

The complainant Mrs. Alpha was later reported by her husband for public insult and provocation.

In summary of Mrs. Dassie Rachael Alpha as an accused in the other filed, Magistrate Moody said that the accused (Dassie) was after court hearing on the previous matter filed in by her (Mrs. Alpha) as complainant against her husband, failed to control her temper and thereby attacked the accused Mr. Fayia Alpha with abusive language and provocation.

The couple remains on bail and were represented by counsels. Both matters have been adjourned for sentencing.

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