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“Donated Mudslide Houses Are Not Free” …Presidential Spokesman Declares


“Donated Mudslide Houses Are Not Free” …Presidential Spokesman Declares

By Lansana Fofanah & Sylvester Samba.

The Presidential Spokesman at State House, Abdulai Bayraytay has said that the fifty two houses constructed by Gento, Parpah and Alimu at Six Mile which were dedicated for  mudslide victims, are not going to be free of cost as speculated by the would-be benefactors.

During the weekly government press conference yesterday, Mr Bayraytay said that like in the western world, those structures and the ones to be constructed are not going to be free but based on Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system.

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“We already have another group of people that were affected by the 2015 flooding at a makeshift structure around the same area. Most of them left when life became normal for them. Those that are going to benefit from these structures are going to pay according to how they earn”, he said.

Mr. Bayraytay said that government has already moved to allocate another two hundred acres of land around Newton to relocate people that are living in disaster prone areas.

He assured Sierra Leoneans that government will continue to demonstrate transparency and accountability as more than three thousand homes are needed to relocate all affected people.

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“The testimony from the World Bank Country Manager Parminder Brar that, government in no way mismanaged the mudslide funds and the frequent update from the Office of National  Security are enough to demonstrate how transparent this government is”, he said.


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