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Dr. Denis Sandy Fires Back


Dr. Denis Sandy Fires Back

The Minister of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment, Dr. Denis Sandy has rubbished local newspaper claims that he is engaged in land grabbing and unlawful demolition in and around Freetown.

Speaking in an interview with Global Times yesterday, the Lands Minister vowed to remain unfazed in the face of a well-orchestrated blackmail attempt by notorious land grabbers, adding that he will continue to carry out his mandate without fear or favor.

He emphasized that his mandate to reclaim and protect state lands for future development of the country, among others cannot be stalled by negative newspaper publications.

Dr. Sandy bemoaned the spate of lawlessness and fraud in the management of state lands particularly around the Peninsular area where, he said, individuals always lay claims to lands which do not belong to them.

He challenged those claiming that officials of his Ministry have laid claim to private lands to produce evidence and if necessary to seek redress in a court of law rather than resorting to blackmail.

“We have a mandate to clean up and to restore sanity in the land management system”, the Minister said.

Dr. Sandy refused to comment on newspaper claims that State House has been flooded with complaints about him. “They who assert that there are lots of complaints about me must be prepared to provide evidence of such. As far as I know, we are operating within the limit of our mandate and the law. Those who think otherwise are at liberty to seek redress in a competent court of law”, Dr. Sandy concluded.


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