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Dr. Sarah Bendu: Rude & Unstable


Dr. Sarah Bendu: Rude & Unstable

Nobody knows why the Executive Director of SLRTA (Sierra Leone Road Transport Authority), Dr. Sarah Finda Bendu is using the name of President Ernest Bai Koroma to intimidate and terrorize people in this country.
SLRTA was established by an Act of Parliament in 1996, to regulate and develop the road transport industry. The Executive Director is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Authority. The Ministry of Transport and Aviation is the supervising Ministry of the Sierra Leone Road Transport Authority. The governing body of the Authority is the Board, which controls and supervises the Authority.
It is sad to note that, Dr. Sarah Bendu has no regard for both the Ministry of Transport and Aviation and the Board of Directors. She runs the Authority like her personal estate.
Very recently, she openly boasted that she personally got the former Minister of Transport and Aviation, Vandy Chidi Minah sacked as a Cabinet Minister.
She has recently threatened to get the current Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Frank Kargbo sacked for merely providing the Authority a legal opinion on the summary dismissal of three senior staff members of the Authority.
Even without reference to the Board of Directors, Dr. Sarah Bendu recently unilaterally ordered the termination of a Contract of Agreement with companies responsible for the production of Vehicle Number Plates. These companies have invested millions of United States dollars in procuring machinery and other raw materials for the production of Vehicle Number Plates. Just over night, their contracts have been terminated by the heartless and mindless Dr. Sarah Bendu.
The question many people are asking is: Why is Dr. Sarah Bendu using the name of the President to terrorize some peaceful citizens in this country?
The arrogance exhibited by Dr. Sarah Bendu in the management of SLRTA has left many people asking another question: Is Dr. Sarah Bendu the Governor General of Sierra Leone? Dr. Bendu’s supercilious behaviour beggar’s belief!
She has no respect for the Chairman of the Board of Directors of SLRTA, Prof. Harry Turay. Decisions taken by the Board are most times shrugged-off by the pompous Dr. Sarah Bendu, prompting some sane people to ask whether she is actually not a mental case.
The rude and unstable Dr. Sarah Bendu should be called to order and told to behave like a human being. Period!

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