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Finance Minister Sets Record In Koinadugu


Finance Minister Sets Record In Koinadugu

By Sylvester Samba………………….
Residents of Koinadugu District have referred to the ongoing construction of 100 Kilometers road by the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Dr. Kaifala Marah as a unique adventure in their district. They said they have never seen nor heard of any one person single handedly constructing such a long distance of road in the district. Thirty eight kilometers of the road which links several villages to the district headquarter town of Kabala has already been completed.
The Finance Minister over the weekend paid a visit to Koinadugu to inspect the road where he addressed hundreds of deprived villagers who have been suffering for far too long in that part of the country due to poor road network. Without relating his road construction to politics, Dr. Marah said he decided to undertake such a multimillion Leones road project on humanitarian grounds.
He noted that the ongoing 100 kilometer road construction was purposely to complement the strides undertaken by His Excellency the President and his government under the banner of the Agenda for Prosperity. The Finance Minister maintained that as far as he was concerned, the construction of the road is not only important but timely. “No community will develop or live a better life if there are no good roads. The construction of the road will now help the people to visit bigger towns as and when necessary to transact businesses and further expose them to civilization. The road will again allow Non Governmental Organizations to take developmental issues to villages that were hitherto unaccessible” Dr. Marah noted. .
Dr. Marah pleaded with the people especially the youth to take full ownership of the road project as a way to help him move the road fast to where he wants it to stop. He further called on all parents to do all they can to send their children to school so that they can see more of such development in the district. The Finance Minister confirmed that he is undertaking the project all by himself with little support that are coming from friends. He noted that he is using his personal resources especially seventy percent of his gratuity paid by the Commonwealth Secretariat which he used to hire two major machines, grader and bulldozer.
The Project Engineer, Mustapha Fofana said he started the 100 kilo meter road construction in December 2012 and that he is doing all he can to achieve the target given to him by Dr. Marah. Mr. Fofana said even though the road is difficult to work on, it was nonetheless progressing satisfactorily.

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