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FIU Director: Pacesetter on Terrorism & Financial Crime.


FIU Director: Pacesetter on Terrorism & Financial Crime.

By Sylvester Samba.                               

The Director of Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Mr. Mohamed Kenewui Konneh has received a tap on the back from his predecessor, the former Director, Mr. Ahmed B. Kamara for being on the right part in raising massive awareness and sensitization campaign in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing in Sierra Leone. The former Director was invited to give the keynote addressed at the fourth EU/GIABA sponsored work, where he showers praises on the leadership quality of his successor.

At the end of the fourth workshop at the Atlantic Lumley Hotel in Freetown, the Deputy Director of FIU called on every one to be a watch dog for the country and to report economic crimes to their institution especially on issues bothering on money laundering and terrorist financing. Mrs. Anne – Marie Harding who is Deputy Director said they hope to do more after their engagement with the Lawyers, Notaries Public, Real Estate Agents and Car Dealers on AML/CFT. She said the participants were told to put the interest of the country first by checking the background of their customers to enable them to transact clean monies with them. She assured that her institution is very much vigilant in the fight, as they have signed a MOU with the National Revenue Authority (NRA) and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). “We are doing all we can to move from administration to action…Just as our eyes are widely open; we are calling on everyone else to do the like”.

In her closing remarks, FIU Deputy Director expressed thanks and appreciations to all the participants for not only honoring their invitations, but also contributing meaningfully throughout the four- day engagement with them. She pleaded with them to now go out to their respective institutions to help spread the evil of Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism in the country.

“Let us work hand in hand to fight against these twin evils for the betterment of the country”, she noted. The Deputy Director expressed confidence that the participants have been adequately strengthened and capacitated to respond robustly and decisively to the threat of Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism.


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