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Football Captain In US$5000 Scam


Football Captain In US$5000 Scam

By Jane B. Mansaray.

The Piltu Football Club Team Captain in Sierra Leone, Fallah Fayombo aka Doctor is allegedly involved in a five thousand United States Dollars matter with intent to defraud a businessman, Alpha Omaru Jalloh of eighteen kilo gram of mineral gold knowing same to be false.

In his testimony yesterday before Principal Magistrate Albert Moody of Freetown Magistrate Court No.1, the first prosecution witness who also doubles as complainant in the matter said he had known the accused person for five years as a friend and brother playing football for the above named club/team.

The witness told the court that he recalled on diverse dates in November and December 2017 when the accused introduced to him one Jeffery aka Awilo as his (accused) friend.

During conversation, the witness said a gold business came through Awilo which he (complainant) showed interest in.

The accused assured him of the business as genuine and that he (accused) will not involve him into any business that is not genuine.

According to Mr. Jalloh, Awilo told him that a friend from Ghana is also part of the business and that he (Awilo) will not do any transaction on his behalf.

Later the accused informed him of the arrival of the friend from Ghana but did not see him in person throughout the gold business.

The witness confirmed to the court that after the negotiation for the gold, he took the accused to his Goderich Street lubricant shop and handed over to him thirty seven Million seven hundred and fifty thousand Leones equivalent to the above sum in dollars.

The accused proceeded with him to Wilkinson Road together with a Delta police officer where they met Awilo.

Mr. Jalloh added that he handed over the money to Awilo who together with the accused went for the gold as alleged whilst he (complainant) and (OSD) officer waited at the said address in Freetown.

He said they waited from 7pm to 5:am both accused persons did not show up and their phones were switched off.

The witness reported the matter at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) HQ where he made a statement.

Based on information the accused, Fallah Fayombo was arrested at Lungi.

The accused is answering to two counts of Preliminary Investigation of conspiracy to defraud and causing money to be paid by means of fraud.

The particulars of offense state that the accused on the said dates conspired with other persons unknown to defraud the complainant with intent to defraud unlawfully caused money to be paid.

The accused was denied bail and remanded at the male correctional centre.

Lawyer J.M. Jengo is defending the accused. The matter continues next week.


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